Lambs For Sale 2017

katahdin lamb  Katahdin lambs for sale!
We have a wonderful selection of healthy, good-sized lambs from excellent bloodlines available this year! Most of our lambs are from triplets; some are from twins and a couple are single births. We also have a set of quads this year. We are thrilled to have so many very nice colors; and, of course, we also have the basic white lambs.

We are active members in Katahdin Hair Sheep International (KHSI). Most of our sheep are registered with KHSI and this year we also have a separate herd of commercial sheep. Our breeding rams are Scrapie Codon 171 tested {RR} and Spider Gene tested {NN} and our breeeding ewes are {RR} with only one being {QR}. We have no {QQ} sheep in our flock.

The following photos are only a small selection of what we have available. Our sheep sell fast, and that is always a good thing; however, if you need some of our sheep to incorporate into your bloodlines, feel free to contact us and choose the sheep that meet your particular needs.

Pricing and Availability

This lot is from the 2016 season
Ewe Lambs $350  SOLD
Ram Lambs $400  SOLD
Yearling Ewes $450  SOLD
Exposed Ewes $550  SOLD
Bred Ewes $600  SOLD
Adult Breeding Rams $600  SOLD


Some of our Lambs pictured here.

Von Tassen Farm

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