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Our livestock is protected by Turkish Kangal Dogs. The Kangal is a breed of livestock guardian dog originating from the Kangal district in Sivas Province, Turkey. While the Kangal is often referred to as a sheep dog, it is not a herding dog, but rather a flock guardian that lives with the flock of sheep (or goats) to actively fend off any predators. The Sivas Kangal Dog's protectiveness, loyalty and gentleness with small children and animals has led to its growing popularity as a guardian for families as well, as it regards people as its "flock" and guards them with extreme devotion.

What is a Livestock Guardian Dog?

A livestock guardian dog (LGD) is a type of pastoral dog bred for the purpose of protecting livestock from predators. Livestock guardian dogs stay with the group of animals they protect as a full-time member of the flock or herd. Their ability to guard their flock is mainly instinctive, as the dog is bonded to the flock from an early age. Unlike the often smaller herding dogs that control the movement of the livestock, LGDs blend in with them, watching for intruders within the flock. The mere presence of a livestock guardian dog is usually enough to ward off some predators.

Kangals as Livestock Guardian Dogs

Kangals are very agile and can reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour. The Kangal's undercoat provides insulation against both severe winters and the fierce summer sun, while the outer-layer repels water and snow. This combination of coat allows it to regulate its core temperature more efficiently, while the coat is dense enough to repel rupture from predator bites. Although similar in appearance to the Karabash, Akbash and the generic Anatolian Shepherd Dog, the Kangal is its own distinct breed having the advantage of not being overbred in this country -or having its usefulness bred out in favor of a pretty show dog.

A working Kangal on duty will station itself on a high vantage point overlooking its flock. On hot days, the Kangal dog will dig itself a hollow in the ground to keep cool. The dogs will work in pairs or teams, depending on the size of the flock, taking up positions around the sheep and changing their positions as needed. The intensity of their patrols around the sheep increases at nightfall. When suspicious, a Kangal will stand with its tail and ears erect and give an alarm call, inciting the sheep to gather around it for protection. The Kangal's first instinct is to place itself between the perceived threat and the sheep or master. Once the sheep are safely behind it, the Kangal confronts the intruder. When faced with a wolf, coyote or other predator, the Kangal's presence is usually successful in intimidating the enemy, but the Kangal will resort to a physical confrontation if the predator stands its ground.

In Namibia, South Africa, Kangal dogs are being used to help protect livestock from cheetah attacks. Almost 300 Kangals have been given to farmers in Namibia since 1994 by the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), and this has proved so successful that it has been extended to Kenya. The number of cheetahs killed by farmers is calculated to have fallen from 19 per farmer annually down to 2. Livestock losses have been cut significantly at more than 80 per cent of the farms where the Kangal dogs have been adopted.

Started Livestock Guardian Dogs

Because there are so many livestock owners requesting adult started dogs, we are very pleased to announce that we raise and train some of these guardians and make them available as well. Due to the amount of time and training involved, there are only a limited number of these dogs; and when we have them available, they always sell fast. For this reason we recommend contacting us as soon as possible to request a started dog. If none are available, we can certainly put you on our wait list to notify you as soon as one does become available.

These older started dogs can help protect livestock immediately, so you do not have to put in the time (and headaches) to train a puppy. Our dogs are trained to protect sheep/goats, and they live with poultry as well. They have also been raised around cattle and pigs. These dogs are excellent for farms that are in need of an effective livestock guardian dog immediately.

Puppies Available

We plan litters when we, ourselves, need more dogs for our farm. Therefore, we do not breed often. Please see our Puppy Page for additional information. If you would like to be informed of our future puppy litters, feel free to contact us leaving your name and email address.

Available Kangal Puppies
See our Puppy Page for pricing and availability.

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