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Kangal PuppyWelcome to our puppy page. We have been raising UKC registered Kangal dogs since 2011 and have a tremendous fondness and respect for the Kangal breed. We do not breed often since we only breed to replace older retired dogs on our farm. You are more than welcome to contact us to inquire about any puppies or adult dogs we may currently have available. You will receive a reply within 48 hours (remember to check your spam folder).

Puppies Available

As of May 2024 we DO have puppies available (see below). Please let us know if you are wanting a puppy for a personal guardian or for your farm to guard livestock. All of our dogs and puppies are purebred Kangal and registered with UKC. You will receive your registration paperwork at the time you pick up your puppy along with all vet records.

    Currently Available:
  • [Female Puppy]
    We have a female puppy who currently lives out with her mom and the sheep. She is very affectionate and, of course, loves belly rubs. She is full of energy and a very good livestock guardian for those of you who have farms or those of you looking for a personal guardian. She is six months old and comes with full registration.
    Kangal Female Guardian

  • [Male Adult]
    We have a 3-yr-old adult dog available. He has the sweetest disposition and would bond very tightly to his owner. He is currently out in a pasture with one of our rams. He is intact and comes with full registration.
    Adult Kangal

If you are interested in a Kangal for your farm or personal guardian, feel free to contact us for more information and availability. Please note that if you do not receive a reply within 48 hours, it often indicates your voice message was not discernable or your email address was mis-typed (remember to also check your spam folder).

We only breed when we need replacement dogs for our farm, and this will be our last litter for a few years since we have currently replaced all of our retired dogs.

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Although many of our puppies enjoy the pleasure of being raised in loving pet homes and as personal guardians, our Kangal puppies are primarily raised to be livestock guardians, and from day one they are living with the livestock and learning how to stay away from hooves. Our puppies also receive regular handling from humans in order to be well socialized. They are never kept in kennels or on cement floors.

Raising the pups alongside the livestock allows the puppies to feel very comfortable around livestock and not fear or try to chase the livestock. They develop a bonding relationship early on.

Kangal Pup

Our Kangal females are only bred when we need replacement dogs for our farm, which can be every 2-3 years; so we have a limited number of puppies available. If we do not have any puppies available at the time of your inquiry, we can provide you with contact info of other reputable Kangal breeders who may have puppies available.

One of our clients who purchased a puppy from us is also a professional dog trainer in PA. She sent us a short video of one of her training sessions with her Kangal dog. Here is the link to that video: > CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO <

Following is a quick YouTube video of one of our nine-month-old puppies winning first place Group placement. I highly encourage you all to join UKC and show your dogs! It's fun and rewarding and you get to meet lots of other friendly dog owners.

Sharing photos from previous clients:

Happy face. Kangal puppy
Sleepy face. Kangal puppy
Alert face. Kangal puppy
Rhett Butler face. Kangal puppy
Want-some-love face. Kangal puppy
Vet-appointment face. Kangal puppy
Guardian-in-training face. Kangal puppy
Coyote Watch. Kangal adult
Tandem Guardians. Kangal Guardians
6-month-old Puppy. Tall Kangal Puppy
About the view. Kangal adult



Started Dogs

started Kangal dog

ALSO, from time to time we will have young adult dogs available (usually around 12-months old). These dogs would have been raised and trained around livestock. We make these dogs available as started dogs for guarding livestock. These working dogs are always valuable to any livestock owner who cannot afford the time required in training a puppy. One of our own dogs, Sasaa, has her new home at the Evans Mill Cattle Co and is doing an excellent job of keeping the Black Vultures away from their new-born calves.

Whenever we have started dogs available, we include a notice on this page. If you would like to be notified of a started dog, go ahead and contact us leaving your name and correct email address.

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2024 Pricing

Male Puppy - $3250

Female Puppy - $3250

Started Dog - $4000

Working Adult (intact) - $4500

Discounted prices also available

Stud Service* - $3250
*Frozen semen available and can be shipped directly to your vet.

Pet Transport:
For those of you who are unable to pick up your pups in person, there is an excellent pet transport company that many of our clients have used and have been very pleased. They provide nationwide service at very reasonable rates. The name of the pet transport company is Pets Paws & Pals. We are not affiliated with this company in any way other than our clients' use of the company.

Due to the new airline regulations and delay issues, we will not ship pups at this time.

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